End of HISTO-MRI Project

The HISTO-MRI Project has finished. Some relevant scientific and technological outputs indicating its success are: 15 scientific publications; 4 patents; > 40 conference contributions; 3 new MRI scanners; a prepolarizer module; a Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) measurement setup; a new design for a pulsed power supply; images with 125 um resolution of a mouse brain; the first ever dental images at low field; in vivo images and time mapping on a low cost 50 mT scanner; new techniques for magnet, gradient and rf engineering; pulse sequences for highly efficient encoding or slice selection with (zero echo time) ZTE sequences; improved reconstruction methods; a spin-off company (PhysioMRI Tech S.L.); and at least six new opportunities for technology transfer, one which has already won an Innovation Launchpad grant.